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Monday, February 8, 2010

Whiskey and Nachos!

so  i have been obsessing over the combo of whiskey and nachos sinse thanksgiving, when it first occured to me durring my travels to RI... i have to tell you, it did NOT dissapoint!  at all.

so last night was the super bowl.  i am not a sports fan, but last nights game was a true testament to a well played game!  the saints were phenomenal, and new orleans could not deserve a win more.  i went to my good friends home, where the party was pants optional.  everyone brought some good ole fashion american heart clogging food!  there was spicy meatballs, deviled eggs (cheddar and bacon style!) home made mac n cheese, stuffed potato skins, spicy italian sausage and peppers, pulled chicken nachos (obvs), and some of the best chili i have ever had.  ever.  there was no ground beef, instead there were massive hunks of steak that were so tender they melted in your mouth! o.m.g. dammit.

best chili ever (con whiskey)

cheddar bacon deviled eggs (con whiskey)

pants optional (con whiskey)



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