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Monday, February 8, 2010


there is a really great movie my photographer friend Rene Micheli lent me called Eyes of Laura Mars.  i defs recomend it!  its a slasher movie with Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones (young Tommy Lee Jones oooh yes) that is about a fashion photographer who starts to see murders as they are happening thru the eyes of the killer.  the costumes are amazing, and it is also pretty cool to see manhattan in 1978.  so different than what it is like now!  soho?  try don't go, ho.  haha

photos are from the internetz

anyway, adam and i were talking after i watched it, (he was very proud of me for watching a scary movie) and i was telling him about the young Tommy Lee Jones.  this is the path of that conversation:
Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee Gifford

and then adam made these (cause he's amazing)


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