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Friday, February 5, 2010

yeah, so ah, i lied

hey! friends! you know how i said i was leaving brooklyn and going to philly?  well, they say there is a lot o snow coming and i got scared.  the truth is, i dont want to die.  yk?  i dont think that is that bad...


i was able to work on my new illustration!  huuuzaah! i made the ensemble on thursday, which explains the name... i think this would be a perfect weekday outfit.  it is very chic and not try hard at all.. i am obsessed with any (every) type of harem/jodper/drop crotch pant out there and this psir from Oak is no exception!  unfortunatly (or fortunatly for my wallet) they are sold out.  so i just get to draw them. i hope you enjoy it!  i am working on another one now, so i may have it done before i head over to the neon indian show at market hotel tonight. 




Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle

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