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Friday, February 12, 2010

adams the shit!

if you didnt already know, i feel like everyone who has met him tho will agree...

anywho he just got a fun new toy - its a brompton!  they are kinda the coolest folding bikes ever.  they even have a brompton bike race - the first one in the usa is gonna be this march in philly, i think he;s gonna do it!  in 2008 his sister actually came in 3rd at the Smithfield Nocturne and won best dressed female - for which the prize was a bespoke bowler helmet presented by Paul Smith.  then in 2009 she competed in the BWC - the brompton world championship - where her best dressed title was usurped by another (i do not think better dressed) lady...

the bike

joanna being best dressed - ps the theme for the race is business attire bc the brompton is perfect for riding to work!

Photographs of Jo by Killian O'Sullivan

and here is a video of the 2009 BWC - check out how awesome Joanna is!!!


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josullivan said...

I must clarify one error in this piece: i did not come third in the smithfield nocture. i was about 16th (i think) but the fastest and, most importantly best dressed woman accross the line.

I fate of the Phillips legacy now hangs in the balance. i can only hope that Carrie can come up with a prize-winning outfit for Adam - can she do it? can there be any doubt.